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Cerafiber® /Cerachem Fiber®/Cerachrome Fiber®

Cerafiber: Spun refractory fibres, made from electricallymelted alumina and silica.
Cerachem Fiber: Spun refractory fibres, made fromelectrically melted alumina, silica and zirconia.
Cerachrome Fiber: Spun refractory fibres, made fromelectrically melted alumina, silica and chromia.
All three fibres are resistant to chemical attack, except forhydrofluoric and phosphoric acids and strong alkalies.

Bulk refractory fibres.

Cerafiber: 1260°C
Cerachem Fiber: 1425°C
Cerachrome Fiber: 1425°C
The maximum continuous use temperature depends onthe application. In case of doubt, refer to your localThermal Ceramics distributor for advice.

- Excellent thermal stability: resist devitrification at high temperature
- Low thermal conductivity
- Excellent thermal shock resistance
- High chemical stability
- Contain no binders or corrosive agents
- Resilient up to high temperatures
- Low heat storage capacity
- Excellent sound absorber
- The packed density of bulk refractory fibres isbetween 90 and 200kg/m3 depending on the forceapplied to pack it. It is very difficult to obtain adensity higher than 200kg/m3 by hand packing.

  • Raw material for the manufacturing of finished products such as boards, paper, shapes, yarns etc
  • Loose insulating fill for complex spaces and areas where access is difficult
  • Packing expansion joints
  • Packing material for temporary repair of insulation
  • Fibre reinforcement for insulating concretes

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