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  CeraboardTM is a refractory fibre board supplied in panelsof standard thicknesses made from a slurry of refractoryfibres and binders which have a low organic content.The combination of different refractory fibres, inorganicand organic binders in different proportions allows typesof boards to be made suitable for different usetemperatures.In some types of heating equipment the emission offumes, which can occur when binders burn out of theboard, can be easily eliminated.
Ceraboard 100 - up to 1260oC.
Ceraboard 115 - up to 1400oC.The maximum continuous use temperature depends on the application. In case of doubt, refer to your local Thermal Ceramics distributor for advice.

- High temperature stability
- Low thermal conductivity
- Low heat storage
- Rigidity and high cohesive strength allow machining and cutting
- Resistant to thermal shock
- Good erosion resistance
- Can be used in direct contact with flame
- Easy application

  • These versatile boards can be used where a rigid, self supporting and insulating product is required which also has good resistance to physical damage.
  • Ceramic industry (kiln linings & kiln car insulation)
  • Glass industry
  • Ducts insulation
  • General thermal barriers
  • High temperature insulation

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