ceramika ogniotrwała Refractory and insulating materials Feuerfestes und isoliermaterial


  Space technologies

  - the insulating materials made of the refractory
    aluminosilicate fibres

  Bulk wool
  Boards made from ceramic fibres
  Formed shapes made from ceramic fibres
  Kaowool 1260 Paper
  Cerafiber® /Cerachem Fiber®/Cerachrome Fiber®
  Cerablanket™ /Cerachem™ / Cerachrome™ Blanket
  Superwool™ 607™ HT Blanket
  Superwool™ 607™ HT Board
  Blok 607™
  Z-Blok™ 1 Modules
  Z-Blok™ 3 Modules
refractory and insulating materials • refractory ceramic products • refractory concretes • prefabricated refractory products