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PłytChamotte straight connection pipe 230x114x32

  Chamotte straight connection pipe 230x114x32 - AS 1-32

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Dimensions 230x114x32 [mm]
Maximal working temperature 1400 [°C]
Common refractiveness min. 173 [sP]
Al2O3 content 36 [%]
Fe2O3 content 2,5 [%]
Shear strength 48,8 [N/mm2]
Thermal shock strength 15 [min. ilość cyk.]

  Chamotte straight connection pipe 230x114x32 – BS 1-32

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Dimensions 230x114x32 [mm]
Maximal working temperature 1300 [°C]
Common minimal refractiveness min. 169 [sP]
Al2O3 content 30 [%]
Fe2O3 content 2,5 [%]
Effective porosity 24 max[%]
Shear strength 20 [N/mm2]
Thermal shock strength 15 [min. ilość cyk.]

CERAMO company produces straight connection pipes, plates, wedges and shapes according to Polish Norms, Branch Catalogs and in various dimensions prepared for individual requirements of our customers.

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