ceramika ogniotrwała Refractory and insulating materials Feuerfestes und isoliermaterial

Bricks, shapes ...

CERAMO company produces straight connection pipes, plates, wedges and shapes according to Polish Norms, Branch Catalogs and in various dimensions prepared for individual requirements of our customers.
Examples of shapes

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Muffle furnace chamber Heater hanger for the electric furnace
Muffle/Casting furnace chamber Heater shape for the electric furnace
Ceramic bushing for the electric furnace Heater reel
Gold melting crucible Ceramic casing of heaters and thermocouples
Heater reel Chamber furnace shape
Electric heater element Electric or chamber furnace shape
Ceramic bushing for the electric furnace Ceramic socket for the heater
Chute funnel for the electric furnace Heating element separators
Ladle nozzle Ladle stopper
Crucible furnace shape Burner shape
Casting filter shape Crucible furnace shape
Heater element pipes Crucible furnace lid
Spring production device pipes Coal furnace baffle

  JM insulating bricks
  Chamotte straight connection pipe 230x114x65
  PłytChamotte straight connection pipe 230x114x32
  Chamotte straight connection pipe 230x114x25
  Insulating straight connection pipe 230x114x64
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