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JM/Blakite refractory cements

Thermal Ceramics refractory cements are made from fine aggregate and special setting substances and are provided as liquid mixtures. They gain high strength during open-air drying, forming strong joints and almost monolithic brick structure. They have high refractoriness - are resistant to high temperatures:

JM 2200 - up to 1260 oC,
JM 2600 - up to 1430 oC.
Blakite - up to 1650 oC.
JM 3300 - up to 1760 oC.

JM 2200 - an open-air setting cement designed for setting the second layer of refractory bricks. Due to its workability can be used for back insulation setting.

JM 2600 - an open-air setting cement designed for lower temperatures, where higher strength joint is required. Recommended for use as a joint in refractory brick insulation. It can be used for luting, as well as for dipping of joints.

Blakite - highly refractory, dark gray cement with good water-fixing properties. Designed especially for heat-resistant brick laying, as well as for bricks with high aluminum content. It is produced in a consistence appropriate for thin joints and luting. Blakite is a good solution for general insulating and heavy heat-resistant brick laying works.

JM 3300 - very highly refractory open-air setting cement for laying heat-resistant JM 32 bricks and refractory bricks with high aluminum oxide content.

  • laying insulating heat-resistant bricks, highly refractory bricks and heavy bricks with high aluminum content;
  • providing air and hot gas penetration resistance;
  • amateur or laboratory baking furnaces;
  • slowing down slag and melted metal penetration of joints.

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