ceramika ogniotrwała Refractory and insulating materials Feuerfestes und isoliermaterial

Cements, mixes, glues

CEMENTS - shapeless refractory materials for joining of bricks in brick lining.
Cement joints are an important element of setting that perform three functions:
1. Set bricks so that the setting becomes a monolith.
2. Compensate for dimensional inaccuracies and small surface defects of bricks.
3. Partially compensate for thermal expansion of bricks due to their loose structure, compressibility and then sintering.

To provide that functionality, cements have to be chosen according to their chemical and mineral properties and grain-size distribution. CERAMO produces and provides cements for setting insulation, chamotte, aluminosilicate, corundum and silicon carbide products in a wide range of temperatures (800 - 1750 °C).

  JM/Blakite refractory cements
  Plastic ramming mixes
  High-aluminum gunning mix
  Silicon carbide gunning mix
  Chamotte gunning mix
  Corundum cement mix
  Insulating cements
  Chamotte cements
  High-aluminum cements
  ZA-SiC 1 silicon carbide cements
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