ceramika ogniotrwała Refractory and insulating materials Feuerfestes und isoliermaterial

Refractory concretes

- are refractory unburnt materials comprising refractory filling materials with specific granularity (aggregate) and aluminum cement. Storage time for refractory concretes with cement should not exceed 3 months. Depending on the thickness of concrete setting or shapes, granularity of concrete is adjusted in the following ranges: 0-3mm; 0-5mm; 0-10mm; 0-20mm.

Heat-resistant and refractory concretes are delivered in three forms:

  Conventional heat-resistant chamotte concretes
  Low-cement heat-resistant chamotte concretes
  BSiC low-cement silicon carbide concretes
  Mullite low-cement concretes - BM
  Refractory insulating concretes - BI
  Heat-resistant corundum concrete - B??
  Refractory corundum concrete - BK
  Refractory low-cement corundum concrete - BK
  Refractory high-aluminum concretes
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